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Hello my name is Tony Burgum, I am a non-professional Freelance photographer from the North East of England with around 40 years photographic experience, (born 1963 so you do the math).

Welcome to my site, feel free to browse through it, if you like it pass the info onto your friends if you don't like it pass your thoughts and comments on to me, I am always available for constructive criticism so please use the Email envelope in the top right corner if you find something wrong or wish to advise me about.

My referred Genres of photography are (In no particular order) Music, Travel, Nature, Sports and Landscapes. I have done childrens Portraits in the past for families and friends but this is not really my forte, hence no link on the Navigation Bar..


Within the Music section you may notice a few Gig reviews underneath the photos; this is something I started doing late in 2016 for a UK music media company called Jace Media so if there is a review typed, click on the link at the top of the page for more gig reviews.


Although I have travelled quite a bit I always try to give advice based on my personal experiences and my individual advice. There is a young lady who is a more dedicated traveller than me and offers some very good advice on her travels so visit her page here:- The Culture Map her name is Shing Yoong you can also visit or follow her on Facebook or Twitter here.


I am a nature nut and I have a particular fondness for anything small and miniscule especially spiders. Despite the rubbish written in the UK press there are no UK spiders that are that venomous that they will kill you, unless of course you have a reaction in the same way bees or wasps can kill you (anaphylaxis) so if you see a spider, admire it, don't kill it.


I have photographed my local Rugby club for many years now and far to many galleries to host on here so I have trimmed them down quite a bit. Normally these are given away to the kids free all I ask is they put the shots on their Facebook and Twitter pages and give my photography page a 'Like'. Prints obviously cost.


Landscapes to many people are open vistas, sea shores or mountain views. Of course they are correct but I also have a taste for the Urban Landscapes. Every town or city has structures that can be embroiled in a Landscape photograph. Here I have created a Gallery dedicated to the Urban Landscape as well as typical landscapes by order of location.


In case you are wondering, the LRPS initials after my name stand for Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society. I attained this level at my 1st attempt back in 2014 and now creating a portfolio for my ARPS (Associate member).


Click on any of the links on the top bar will take you to the relevant sections of the site or by clicking on the Hyperlinks within this text section should also work..

Viktoria at WHF, Kent

LRPS Gallery

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