All photographs of your child or children are stored online and in individually password protected galleries and only you and I have access. 

Normally photographers sell prints, I sell the complete package as a digital download, so you are only paying once. Once purchased, if you wish to send copies to your friends and family, I am happy with that. However this is limited to private and social media use, no competitions, no magazine entries, no commercial use, without using my name as the photographer.

I have a portable studio, so I can travel to your home and take the photographs there or we can arrange an outdoor shoot if you wish, while I sort out my studio.

The gallery entitled 'Mia' has been allowed to remain open, with permission from her parents. Here you can see the quality of  the photographs that I create.


There are 2  options. 

Option 1.

You pay for a single photoshoot up to 2 hours long. A  single payment of £300 gives you ALL of the edited photographs which maybe anywhere between 40 to 100. Yours to download whenever you want.

Option 2.

You pay for a single photoshoot up to 2 hours long. A  single payment of £150 and it is then up to you to purchase as many or as few as you wish by downloading them from this website using the shopping basket.