During the 2020 lockdown periods, I found myself restoring more family photographs than taking them.

So, I thought why not offer this as a service to others.


Simple colour correction £10 each / 2 for £15 / 3 for £20.

Colourisation £15 each / 2 for £25 / 3 for £35

Colour correction/  scratch and Dust repair / stain removal £10-£20 per photograph, depending on damage, 2 for £15-£25 / 3 for £25 - £50.

Ripped / Torn / creased and major repairs £40-£60 per photograph, depending on damage, 2 for £60 -£80, 3 for £80-£100.

Film to Digital positive: Straight negative scan and reverse to positive, £5 per strip of up to 6 negatives. If any corrective work is needed or wanted, you can decide once you receive the images back.

Estimates are available on single or multiple photographs if work is carried out at the same time, the more you send the cheaper it works out.

Send me your scanned or photographed - photograph via email for an estimate to restore it.

I strongly advise that if you have the original photograph, you post it to me. as I use a high resolution scanner that will give better results than an every day scanner.

Your finished images are sent back to you as a digital images and the original image by post, unless you wish to have printed copies, in this case the cost will be extra so please ask before sending.

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