We have the capability to scan 110 and 35mm film negatives and 35mm and  2" x 2" Medium Format negatives and colour slides. Converting the negatives into positives for printing and sharing.

The 1st image was from an old 110 film. It was scanned with a high resolution scanner, colour inverted into a positive and then edited further in Photoshop. Obviously with such an old camera it was never possible to get digital quality but what makes this special is the girl in the Pink is no longer with us and her little sister alongside her, didn't have that many photos of them together as kids / teens. Therefore to her, it is priceless.

The 2nd photo is of my Daughter as a baby. Lost for years in a pile of old photographs somewhere that my ex-wife had hold of. Fortunately my daughter went through them and found what she thought was the negative I had been wanting for years. It is always advisable to get old photos and negatives backed up to digital  in cases like these. Sadly during divorces, moving houses, memories like this can get mislaid or worse still, lost altogether.