The photos as you see them are free to download. Simply right click on them and select 'Save image As'.

If you wish to buy a photo; hover your cursor over the image or click on it, at the bottom is a unique number I.E. 1234-SGRC-Tony Burgum-05012020. The prices are as follows: -

Low resolution digital (websize) no watermark = £3 each / 3 for £7 / 10 for £20.

Full size digital - no watermark £25 each / 3 for £60 / 7 for £100 / 10 for £150

NB: This is strictly for personal use, no competition entries, no commercial use, no magazine entries.

If you wish to use for anything other than personal use I.E Business / Commercial websites, then please contact me.

Dedicated packages:

If you wish to have your horses, business, locations photographed, costs are £50 for the 1st hour, £40 per hour afterwards. (1st hour includes travel time to your location).

If you see me at a show and your horse(s) is jumping / performing. You get ALL high resolution photographs of that day for £75 per horse (with a minimum of 5 shots per horse). Simply ask me on the day.