We travelled to Mexico in October 2007 with UK holiday firm Thomsons .

Riu Tequila Hotel, Playacar, Yucatan.

It was nice but not 5*, beautiful grounds and surroundings but in the 14 nights we had there we had around 6 night time power cuts. When the Air Con goes off the heat rises rapidly. Fortunately the Sports Bar is 24/7 and must  be fed via the Emergency generator which does kick in on normal power failure and therefore remains cool. One poor couple on their Honeymoon were given a room near the generator and had their holiday ruined vowing never to go back with Thomsons Holidays. We too complained about this on our return but Thomsons said it was a power outage in the whole area. I am an Electrician and I knew it wasn't as all the street lights, adjoining homes and hotels etc. were lit so IT WAS JUST THE RIU TEQUILA but we still received no compensation,

The food was good with a wide selection and different each day. The entertainments 'Animation' team did their best to keep us all entertained both day and night but it was just typical Latin dancing and a lot of whooping and screaming that you would expect. Daytime entertainments consisted of water polo, Aerobics, beach volleyball the usual holiday stuff but nevertheless they were at it non-stop so always something to join I  with if you wanted to.

Trips / Excursions:

We tried a few of these including the Formula 1 speedboats and swimming with Green Turtles (Same trip), Chichenitza (By air), swimming with Dolphins at Isla Mujere and Scuba diving with Scuba Carribe.

Formula 1 speedboats.

This is a must before Health and Safety takeover. You skim across the seas at speeds between 45-60 knots depending on sea state on a boat with very few seats. If you are a bit squeamish get in 1st onto 1 of the few seats at the front and hold on tight. If like us you end up at the back hold on tight to the person next to you, it's fast and great fun. BBQ on the beach and a chance if they are there to swim with Green Turtles.

Chichenitza (available by air or bus)

This trip can be done by bus but takes around 3.5hrs drive through the jungle. I decided to pay and extra £100 each to go by air and be there in 45 minutes. It is a must for anyone vaguely interested in history or the Mayan culture. You certainly see how 'real' poor Mexicans live as you pass through shanty villages from the airport to the site and I mean real poverty. Inside the site you have the usual 'hand made' stuff to buy from traders and beware, if they can rip you off the will rip you off, feel free to bargain.

Swimming with Dolphins

Another trip not to be missed, although I hate to see wild animals kept in captivity and used as tourist bait it is a double edged sword as you are not likely to experience this in the wild and the Dolphins do appear to be well fed and cared for and the spiel the trainers give you is that by participating you are contributing to the care of Dolphins worldwide etc etc.

Scuba Diving.

They come around to your pool and give a group of you a 20-30 minute free taster session in the pool. No hard sell, if you like it you by a full dive, at the time it was $99 around £50 for a half days diving. Unfortunately I didn't have an underwater camera at the time but the water is warm, clear and the range of sea life we saw was beautiful and well worth the money. Good instructors who are with you all the time.